PPE Kit Benefits: Protection From Infections & Contagious Viruses


PPE Kit Benefits: Protection From Infections & Contagious Viruses

Now everyone knows about PPE kits; ever since the global pandemic COVID-19 came to our lives, many devices came into the light to help people keep safe and protected from the virus. Personal Protective Equipment kits have gained a lot of popularity and became an essential part of our lives because they prevent you from getting infected by this virus. Today’s blog that we are introducing is all about sharing some knowledge on these PPE kits. Let’s get started.

What do you know about the PPE kit?

Personal Protective Equipment, or mostly known as the PPE kit, is a significant protective element that safeguards us from infections or viruses that can be transmitted. Medical professionals and the people who work in hospitals use this Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare professionals such as doctors, and nurses and help control the deadly disease spread.

Why do we need a PPE kit?

These PPE kits are playing a massive role in the fight against this global and life-threatening virus. It minimizes the spread of this highly contagious virus. As this virus spreads from one person to another, there are chances that your surroundings may be infected from the virus; here, PPE kits can protect your body parts from being exposed to contaminated surroundings. 

Its great and comfortable design provides full protection and avoids any infection to reach or pass through the body. The entire kit comes with a coverall, face shield, goggles, headcover, gloves, mask, and shoe cover that ensures you complete safety from head to toe. Each protective equipment is specifically designed to safeguard your body. 

What comes in a PPE kit?

A PPE Kit has seven different protective elements as follows:

PPE Coverall

A PPE Coverall provides full coverage to the body. It is suggested as a part of contact prevention and is extremely more comfortable to put on and take off. Our premium-quality coveralls are used by hospitals, medical facilities, engineering, medicinal uses, etc.

PPE Face Shield

A PPE face shield is most essential in preventing the transmission of the contagious virus. It creates a barrier and reduces the probability of being exposed and spreading germs.

It’s made of optically clear 15 mil PET plastic with anti-fog coating and a soft hypoallergenic foam brow pad. It is a lightweight face shield designed for hours of comfortable use. These Face Shield are intended to protect personnel against splashing liquids, sprays, and splatter. They are also reusable; the visor can be cleaned with soap, water, or wipes each time after every use.

PPE Gloves

PPE Gloves are used to avoid exposure to the skin from chemicals, infectious bacteria, and viruses. These Gloves protect the patients as well as the caregiver from spreading germ from the open skin. During this COVID-19 pandemic, it has been safeguarding the health and well-being of the workplace’s health workers, ensuring hand hygiene. They are great for many industries, including laboratories, production, inspection, cleaning, and light-duty applications.

PPE Goggles

We all have heard that the virus is most likely to enter through the mouth or nose, but do you know it can also enter through the eyes; thus, your eyes need protection. Eye protection includes PPE Goggles, which prevents the mucous membranes in the eyes from blood and virus droplets. If the mucous from an infected person comes in contact with the eyes, germs in the luid can enter the body through the mucous membrane.

PPE Headcover

Headcovers also protect the spread of germs through droplets or contact routes. Potentially infectious materials can travel to the head as well as from the head. Germ transmission to the mucosae of the eyes, nose, or mouth is reduced when the hair is tucked inside the head covering. Our disposable head covers are manufactured from Breathable Polypropylene material worn the entire day and are very lightweight. 

It is widely used in hospitals, beauty salons, electronics factories, operating rooms, food industrial, non-germ room, non-dust workshop, home kitchen, etc.

PPE Mask

Facemask helps infections spread by and to the person wearing them and protects against large droplets and splashes emitted during coughing, sneezing, or touching the face. There are several types of masks- Disposable Masks, Surgical Masks, KN95 Masks, N95 Masks, 3M Masks, Cloth Masks, and more.

For more detailed information about the face masks, browse our range of masks.

PPE Shoe Cover

Shoe covers can also help you prevent the spread and be worn throughout the working day or night. Our top-quality disposable shoe coverings are made of an incomparably sturdy, thick material, and they are built to last! 

PPE kits are helping many people get their living going and frontline healthcare workers to avoid getting infected from the infection. These kits are protecting us from this contagious virus and will be with us for a long time. Everyone is aware that we have to live with this virus until the vaccine comes in and maybe even after that. If you are one who needs to wear these PPE kits, then do check the quality and check whether it provides protection or not. 

For more information about PPE kits or to order bulk for your employees or your hospital, contact us. We are helping many hospitals and industries to start with their daily routine by giving them the protection and safety they need. We got you covered. 

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